Monday, October 13, 2008

Miss Lebanon 2007 Runs the Blom Beirut Marathon 08

•Nadine was born to the Njeim Family on February eight -1988
•Nadine is the oldest Among two brothers
•Originally from Maaser el Chouf
•Completed her High School Education in Jesus and Marie school
•Currently Perusing her University degree in International Business &Intl Affairs at LAU- Lebanon
•Elected Miss Lebanon in March 2007

•Through her year of reign, Nadine was referred to by the Media as one of Lebanon’s most Active misses in philanthropy.
•Nadine parades several social causes, among which: The Red Cross, The Lebanese Diaspora, Children Cancer, Hepatitis, Road Safety, etc
•Nadine still actively rallies awareness on these issues and is on the course of adopting few others.

•Nadine Njeim is a Red Cross volunteer herself and a firm believer in this association principles and goals. In the Naher el Bared war, she shed the light on these heroes’ mission by serving herself in the lines of fire drawing the attention of the International media.
•Nadine is also the representative of the Hep Attitude Positive, helping to bring up the cause of the Hepatitis patients to the light.
•An active member in the “KunHady” association rallying road safety and aware driving.

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