Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A visit to the Minitry of Education

A meeting with Minister of Education, Mrs. Bahia El Hariri and the president of Beirut Marathon Association Mrs. May Khalil, in the presence of Beirut Marathon Association Members took place on January 27th 2009, at the Ministry’s office.
Mrs. El Khalil affirmed to the Minister Mrs. Hariri that the success of the BLOM Beirut Marathon 2008 was the fruit of everybody’s effort, and the schools participation had a remarkable presence in the event; this goes to the support of the Minister of Education.
From her part, her excellence Mrs. Hariri expressed her deep appreciation of the strenuous and persistent effort done by the Beirut Marathon Association towards the new generation and the nation; she expressed her will to help in any way she can to spread the running culture and motivate the students to participate in HSBC VIVICITTA Earth Run on April 26th.

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