Monday, September 27, 2010

Ambassadors preparing to Run the BLOM Beirut Marathon

Beirut Marathon Association launched the training program for the diplomatic missions in Lebanon, especially those that are willing to participate in the BLOM Beirut Marathon race 2010. Thereafter, the first training session took place yesterday in the afternoon on the arena of Camille Chamoun Sports City Stadium with the participation of: the British Ambassador to Beirut, Frances Guy; the Spanish Ambassador, Juan Carlos Cavo; the ambassador of Belgium, Johan Der Camine; the Czech ambassador, Yan Cizek; the Romanian ambassador, Daniel Tanase; and the ambassador of Denmark, Jan Top Christensen.
The training session was held under the supervision the rock-climbing champion, Maxime Chaaya, who presented to the ambassadors a number of information relevant to the participation in the 42.195 Km-stance race in addition to the mechanism of this participation. Afterwards, he gave them some of the necessary physical instructions before running in the first training trial. The ambassadors showed seriousness and enthusiasm under the follow up and encouragement of the president of Beirut Marathon Association, Ms. May El Khalil. The event was attended by Ms. El Khalil, the Chairman of the Sports City, Mr. Riad El Sheikha, the Managing Director of the Association, Mr. Marc Dickinson, as well as by a number of members in the administrative body and the Association coordinator with foreign embassies and the UNIFIL, Ms. Mona Chor, who carried out all arrangements relevant to this step.
El Khalil expressed her gratitude to the foreign ambassadors for their interest and concern on keeping up with the training program in addition to the participation in the race under various headlines including the support of charities.
It is worth mentioning that the training program for the diplomatic missions will continue until the date of the BLOM Beirut Marathon race, on Sunday the 7th of next November, and it includes theoretical and practical courses.

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