Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bersaglieri Band will run in the BLOM Beirut Marathon 2010

Bersaglieri Band to play the music of the Italian Army
Participates in BLOM Beirut Marathon 2010

In the framework of the coordination existing between Beirut Marathon Association and the UNIFIL in South Lebanon regarding the logistics support and participation of elements of these forces in the field, the General Manager of the Association Mr. Marc Dickinson, his assistant Mr. Abdallah Abdel Nour and the Association Coordinator with foreign embassies Ms. Mona Chor have visited the headquarter of the Italian Troop in the village of Chamaa – Tyr. They were received by the head of the troop, General Tutta in addition to a number of his assistants and some of the ideas pertaining to the mechanism and size of Italian participation in the race were discussed during the meeting. General Tutta presented the idea of bringing the music band Bersaglieri of the Italian Army, noting that this band includes 22 elements, in order to play musical pieces during their field participation in the 10 km distance race in addition to 20 runners which add enthusiastic ambiances amongst the participants.
The idea was well received by the delegation of the Beirut Marathon Association and they decided to invite the band which will arrive on the next Tuesday 2nd of November, and they will first appear in the inauguration of the Marathon Village Exhibition in BIEL the next day.

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