Monday, November 24, 2008

Anti - doping test - Blom Beirut Marathon 2008

BMA declares anit-doping campaign for Marathon

The Beirut Marathon Association shall strongly support the anti-doping campaign of WADA in this year’s BLOM Beirut Marathon 08 to ensure that the sport of running is kept free from doping. This year’s marathon runners will all be obliged to sign an anti-doping declaration according to the IAAF laws, which will be signed at the time of bib-pick up.

There will be random dope tests at the finish line on race day under the supervision of WADA representative Jihad Haddad, and the LAF, acting in accordance with these international standards.

We hope to see new records on race day for the men and women’s 42k marathon where all winners will be tested. Random testing of other athletes will be carried out throughout the day.

Supporting anti-doping is a very important part of the structure of races and ensures fairness. Prize money will be paid out after the return of the results from the Olympic standard testing laboratory.

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