Tuesday, November 18, 2008

BLOM Beirut Marathon 08 COURSE

The course this year starts at the Chatilla roundabout and heads towards Tayouneh; turns left to Barbir and turns left on the old airport road, all the way to Ghobeiry Municipality building, and turns left to Musharafieh. At the MSC logo it turns left uphill back to Chatilla and follows the flow towards Tayouneh roundabout. At Tayouneh it heads towards Barbir and all the way up Bichara Khoury avenue to the statue (which is the highest point in the race at 73m) before turning right to Sodeco Square. From Sodeco Square it turns right and goes to the Museum (Mathaf) where it returns to Barbir bridge, turning sharp left beside the French Ambassador’s residence (from there it is all downhill). It stays on the left until Tayouneh, where it goes straight to Mar Mikhael intersection. Turn left and go to Galerie Semaan. At Galerie Semaan left to Galaxy and on to the Mount Lebanon Hospital where it turns right all the way to the freeway access road. Left at the freeway and down under the bridge. Left at the intersection to Chevrolet and Center Abraj (from here onwards the course is flat for 25k). At the intersection it crosses under the freeway and passes beside the Sagesse University and along the service road to the Sunday Market. From there it continues past Fiat and turns right in Corniche Nahr to the old Bridge of Borj Hammoud. Over the bridge and sharp right to the first major intersection and then left towards the Armenian School, where it turns left again and goes to the Borj Hammoud Square. At the square turn right and go to the first intersection and turn left, to the next major intersection and left again and head back to Borj Hammoud Square. Pass the Square and turn right just before the bridge. Under the Autostrade and take the seaside road past Galerie Vanlian and run all the way to Dbayeh. Keep on the left all the way through Dbayeh, past the Marina and turn left towards the North. Continue along the seaside until the Police checkpoint and turn right (East), there is a small forest on the right hand side. Upon reaching the main road turn right and go all the way to Emile Lahoud Convention Center and turn right to the end. Sharp right and then follow the curve of the road until the Naccache autostrade and take the oncoming carriageway for 50 meters before taking the first left. Follow the road to the second left hand intersection and return to the seaside road. From there return all the way back to Beirut along the sea road. At Galerie Vanlian turn left to the Autostrade and then turn right towards Beirut. Run over the bridge (a small incline of 25m) and over the Charles Helou Bus station to the waiting crowds at the finish line in Martyrs Square.

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